Food & drink trends that’ll shape 2020

Healthy food dishes
We finished 2019 on a high, with the successful opening of our Leeds studio and new clients to boot.

We’re still welcoming new clients as we take our first steps into the New Year which is always a real treat for me as a Food Stylist. With new trends coming to surface, I get to come up with exciting ideas and new recipes. So quite naturally, I’ve excitedly been going through the trends that’ll shape 2020.

One topic that’s been brought to light is people’s love of food and cooking at home, something which I feel very strongly about. It’s not just chefs who take pride and pleasure in their creations, but it appears people at home are feeling exactly the same. Cooking for pleasure, relaxation and cooking from scratch are all music to my ears. With this in mind there will be a large focus on wellness. Foods that aid health, mental health, sleep, anti-ageing and beauty. All good stuff.

Canned foods will be having there spotlight as well, a brilliant way of making a quick and easy meal with things out of the cupboard – win win!

Also remember to love your freezer – food waste is still such a huge issue and I know this better than anyone due to all the work I do with Love Food Hate Waste. The average family of 4 wastes up to £70 per month – that’s a lot of money and a lot of landfill! Check out the Love Food Hate waste website for lots of food waste tips and hints.

Exciting to hear that more amazing world foods are being brought to light… Korea, Mexico, India and the Middle East. African cuisine will be working its way in, which I can’t wait to learn more about. As well as this breakfast is still going strong, with bottomless brunches still being a big thing – think loaded Bloody Marys! Heaven!

Continuing the drinks theme, tea is well and truly up and coming, all the things that have happened with coffee are going to happen to tea – coffee techniques with tea, cold brew teas and wellness teas.

Lastly, something that I’ll be keeping a close eye (maybe too close!) is DESSERTS! They’re going to be having a very big year. Asian desserts will be going mainstream. Wood fired desserts are another interesting addition to cooking styles, something I’ll be bringing you recipes for soon.

I’m certainly looking forward to food this year! Here’s to a successful 2020 and lots of fantastic recipes and shoots ahead!

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