4 ways to approach food and drink videography

Image to the left captured for Costa.

Despite more people taking short-from video content into their own hands-on social media, investing in studio time is still as crucial as ever for creating eye-catching food and drink videography. To ensure you get most out of your video content, here are a few ways you can create a visual impact with some top tips from our photographer, Chloe, for making your shoots a success.

Bring your photography to life

If you are looking to introduce short videos into your social and digital content but not sure where to begin – you can start by creating stop motions. Not only do they help engage your audience by bringing something experiential to the table, but by helping your products and recipes tell a story.

Even the simplest stop motions can be tricky to get right – to help make yours a success, here are some tips from our photographer, Chloe:

  • Plan, plan, plan! Decide what you are doing and have everything you need to hand. This stops you from needing to take pauses and helps you to get into a good flow.
  • Ensure the camera is stable by using a tripod.
  • Likewise, make sure your table is stable. There’s nothing worse than accidentally kicking your table during a stop motion.
  • If you need to, don’t be afraid to start again! If your stop motion doesn’t look as slick as you would like, move everything back a few steps or just start over.

Create cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs are a captivating hybrid of photography and video that, unlike stop motions, are made using a video camera to enable selected movements to be more natural and fluid. These are a great way to help make your products and recipes feel more attainable.

Tips: Though the same rules apply as stop motions for making sure everything runs smoothly, it’s useful to create longer videos or a smooth loop for cinemagraphs, to avoid breaking the illusion and cutting the viewer’s experience short.

Bring it out of home

Your audience doesn’t just have to enjoy your video content via their mobiles, TVs, and laptops… digital displays can also be used to capture your audience’s attention while they are out and about, or to create an interactive store/bar/restaurant experience.

Most importantly… show the good stuff first

Although video lets you give your audience more to enjoy, research tells us that you have just 8 seconds to capture their attention. So, whether it’s a delicious step-by-step recipe reel or an in-store digital display make your 8 seconds count and give them a taste of the best bits first!

Tip: Keep your websites and social feeds feeling fresh and tasty by selecting the finished product/tastiest frame for the thumbnail.


There are many ways to create engaging food and drink videography, and luckily, we have the facilities to help you do so. Contact the team and we’ll have a chat to see what works best for your brand, products, and strategy.

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