WIN a day’s production of food photography content

Want to win a full day’s food photography shoot with us? Enter Aviko’s competition and we’ll capture high quality photography content for your brand. All the details including how to enter are below.

This is a great opportunity to keep your audience invested in your content and cut through the noise by differentiating your brand through stunning visuals.

Here’s what you’ll win… A day’s shoot with our lead photographers and food stylists at one of our Manchester or Leeds locations. This includes all the ingredients and props too (we have endless amounts)! We’ll chat through the brief and all your requirements before the shoot, in the planning phase, so that you get the most from the day.

You’ll leave with eye-catching photography content to feed into your marketing strategy. Just like the shots here.

Enter the competition here. You’ll also find 6 top DIY food photography tips for you to capture your own picture-perfect shots from Darren, Head of Photography.

Facilitating shoots and social distancing.

Join in the action remotely and be part of the shoot to sign off each stage in real-time. If you’d prefer to visit, there’s no problem with social distancing, we’re lucky to have 4.5 sq.ft of studio space to safely do so.


There are many ways to create engaging food and drink videography, and luckily, we have the facilities to help you do so. Contact the team and we’ll have a chat to see what works best for your brand, products, and strategy.

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Elegant food photography

It’s an obvious statement, but the better something looks, the more you want to buy it. And that’s why aesthetic food photography translates to revenue.