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Photographer Andrew has been with the Eat & Breathe team for 10 years. He’s seen brands grow and flourish, photography evolve into wider content around animation, video, recipe development and copywriting and has helped shape the success of where we are today. A guy of many talents, from photographer to the studio’s resident DJ, we get to know more about Andrew.

What do you enjoy the most about producing content?

Taking a client’s brief and creating their idea and visions from paper. We’re always happy to explore different routes, so when we go ‘off-piste’ a little and deliver something that’s not always what the client asked for but really surprises them, it’s so satisfying as it really pays off.

How did you get into the photography industry?

It was born from a passionate hobby. My Dad passed down a camera and ever since I’ve always had a camera in hand. In the early days, I would wait outside TV studios and bars to pap people from soaps or Manchester United. It’s say to safe, I much prefer shooting delicious foods!

What’s the most memorable shoot that you’ve worked on?

When we’ve worked on TV commercials. It’s great to see our photography running alongside and see how another discipline and big crew work on a much larger scale is always interesting.

What’s your favourite season to shoot?

Halloween, hands down. I love getting really creative on set, experimenting with different effects using smoke, slime, lights and props and so on. It’s always a lot of fun.

What’s been keeping you occupied during lockdown?

Apart from Tiger King (I was slightly too obsessed), I’ve been spending a lot of time in my garden which was a bit of a jungle! I never thought I’d enjoy chopping things down so much and learning about what places are best to grow new things. I just have to keep on top of it now!

What’s the most bizarre shoot request that you’ve had?

A guy called asking whether we shot things of a more ‘adult’ nature. Of course, I politely declined. I’m still unsure whether that was a prank!

I’ve worked on a shoot which involved creating a runway for dogs and their owners to show off pet fashion which was one of the most bizarre shots that I’ve worked on.

Best place to eat?

Baratxuri is a winner in my eyes. They’ve opened a second site at Escape to Freight Island with their original venue in Ramsbottom. I don’t mind the formality of a ‘sit down meal’ but I much prefer street food and tapas. They do the most amazing tapas, the chorizo wheel with chickpeas from the summer menu was delicious. It’s real authentic food.

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