Top 3 tips to boost brand engagement

The food and beverage industry is currently faced with multiple challenges. With consumer behaviour changing throughout the pandemic and brands enduring with budget setbacks, there’s never been such a need to adapt. By refining and repositioning visual content, brands will stand out, increasing awareness and boosting engagement.

Here we explore 3 key ways brands can maximise on-shoot opportunities and expand visual content across wider audiences to increase brand engagement and sentiment.

Upcycle assets and create opportunity.

It’s not new news when we say that a successful shoot comes down to the planning. Prepped perfectly you can get the most from a shoot through capturing assets which can be used across multiple campaigns throughout the year. Upcycle assets already used and create engaging animations and video content in post-production. Also, don’t be afraid to use old seasonal content. If it’s not time sensitive – reuse it.

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Invest in a content strategy.

A content strategy is an invaluable asset to your marketing strategy, forming the foundations of creating branded content across all marketing activity. Now is a good time to invest in a content strategy (if not done so already) to ensure the brand stays in line with consumer behaviours and remains relevant to their needs. Identifying your key audiences, content types and platforms is a good place to start.

Review and refine.

We highly recommend reviewing your assets regularly (something which we do monthly) to identify how your content is resonating with your audience. This is especially crucial for those in the hospitality sector who’re having to adapt their content on-going to stay in line with current government guidance. Measure and benchmark which type of material published is performing well. Then optimise accordingly whether that’s the copy, style and colours.

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