Aldi’s Facebook Live Event

The 18th December marked a very special event for me… I was asked to present Aldi’s Facebook Live special Christmas edition, with an hour to fill with live questions and many Christmas dishes to cook.

I’m very passionate about making sure that cooking is really accessible at home for people to have a go at, as fool proof as possible and without the worry.

This was a huge production; a very large team, 4 cameras, 4 microphones on me earpiece. Cue cards were written, people were gesturing at me…..terrifying and thrilling at the same time!

With this in mind we decided to show a foul proof turkey recipe, home-made stuffing, using Aldi sausages. Homemade gravy using the giblets from the turkey, which is an overlooked ingredient, which sadly often gets deposited into the bin – believe me it really is a must.

I prepared 9 vegetables dishes – yes 9!

These were garlic bread roast potatoes, curried potatoes and a classic Pommes Anna. Brilliant twists and classics that can set your Christmas dinner apart from the norm.

We then moved to sprouts, chilli charred, sprouts with pomegranate and pistachio and last but not least shallot, bacon and dried cranberries. Each dish shone like a bowl of precious gems!

Now for the carrots. I made carrot and Halloumi fritters – really delicious, carrots with brown sugar, rosemary and pecans and lastly citrus carrots. Phew! A veggie feast I think you’ll agree.

We then moved onto a HUGE sharing board. Laden with cheeses, meats, olives, sweets, chocolates, cakes…..a bounty of Christmas heaven!

Lastly was my winter wonderland, showing an Aldi Yule log to its absolute best. I made meringue snowmen and mushrooms and created a magical winter wonderland.

I answered lots of wonderful questions from people watching, which as I’m writing this had 85,000 views!

I thoroughly enjoyed the day. It’s still on Facebook if you want to have a watch @aldiuk.

Here’s to more exciting opportunities at Eat & Breathe in 2020!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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