Behind the Scenes with Amanda

Image to the left captured for Reserve Wines.

Amanda’s skillset is invaluable to the brands that we work with, always maximising opportunities and ensuring a strong creative output in content. Go behind the scenes with Amanda as she provides insight into how she overcomes challenging requests and spills the secret to what makes a successful shoot.

What’s the secret to successfully shooting video and still content?

Understanding the client’s vision and organisation. As long as you really understand what the client wants the photographers and videographers – read more about our Manchester photographer, Chloe here – will know how to capture this and ensuring everything is organised beforehand makes the best outcome for producing content.

How do you overcome challenging shoot requests?

The main challenges I face are turning around larger shoots in a small amount of time. I overcome this by making a list of everything that needs to be completed for the shoot to happen and make sure I move quickly. I’ve been asked multiple times to organise a larger shoot within days, that has a lot of components for brands such as Morrison’s, Veetee and Lakeland. I work my way through what needs to be done with some multi-tasking, if any challenges arise, I refocus what needs to be done to fix this. It helps that I like a challenge and hate to be defeated. If it’s something that I can’t fix I’ll always look for a solution.

Favourite season to capture content for?

Spring. The ingredients, colours, props are always so colourful and fresh, so I love seeing the outcome of content that we create for Spring. It also helps that Spring dishes are my favourite to eat so it gives me lots of inspiration for my kitchen at home.

Highlight of your career so far.

Working on the Costa shoot last month. Some small challenges surfaced but it all went really well, and we captured some great content.

Where do you take creative inspiration for cooking at home?

I love looking through magazines, blogs and cookbooks. I love to try out new things in the kitchen so I’m always searching for new recipes and ways to get creative.

Favourite takeaway?

Thai food – it’s comforting and full of flavour!

What do you enjoy the most about your role?

Problem solving. If there’s an issue that arises, I enjoy the challenge of fixing the issues and seeing the outcome.

What’s left on your bucket list

Go to Japan and Sri Lanka to do a cooking course and eat a full batch of raw cookie dough!

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