Ugly fruit and veg!

Having been involved in the Love Food, Hate Waste campaign for many years, it’s refreshing to read that for 2019 people are going to be more mindful on what we throw in the bin and not buying things that are aesthetically pleasing… Veg is veg people!

It’s what you do with it that counts…

Think outside the box a little more, peel beneath the surface. Anything that’s starting to turn can be made into something delicious.

Think amazing baked veggie crisps, let’s face it, they are expensive to buy so making a super snack from a potentially wasted bag of veg is, in my eyes, a win!

Best before dates, the myth!

People often assume that when something has come to it’s best before date that it needs to go into the bin… Wrong!

That is the use by date that tells you this. Personally, I think the best before should be given it’s use by date! It would help with a lot of confusion.

Plan ahead

  • Plan your meals – it works! I was skeptical but you really get into the habit of doing this every week
  • Store your ingredients correctly – always put your older ingredients to the front and pop the newer ones towards the back
  • Try and measure your food, like rice and pasta – you will get to know the right amount for you and your family
  • Freeze your leftovers! If you are going to freeze your food, don’t forget to write on a label to let you know what it is. Most cooked food is difficult to tell apart when frozen
  • Don’t be afraid to defrost raw meat, cook and re-freeze if you’re worried about not eating it all at the same time
  • Bust that rice myth!Cooked/frozen rice can be reheated thoroughly and is perfectly safe to eat

If something is going to go out of date, it’s worth planning ahead and maybe cooking it, as this prolongs the life so you can then go onto adding it into other meals.

Would you like to know how to save £750 per year? Save good food from going into landfill!

Did you know? We throw away 50 million loaves away every year in this country?

Big tips to help food waste

Now you’re ready to get creative with your leftovers! There is a world full of delicious recipes to explore plus, your wallet will thank you!

You can freeze most things, here’s are some examples:

  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Bread
  • Eggs (separated or full)
  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Chopped/diced veg (always saves time)
  • Raw and cooked meat

So, get in those fridges and cupboards and see what tasty treats you can make with what you have in.

Thoughts from the Eat & Breathe kitchen

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