Food photography predictions for 2022

From behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, to user-generated, authentic photography – 2021 was constantly evolving in the food photography scene… and we know this year will be no different.

So, to stay ahead of the curve in 2022, the Eat and Breathe team have come together specially to share their thoughts and predictions for the year ahead.

Image to the left: Our recent photography shoot with Meatless farm capturing all the colourful goodness in their meat-free burgers. We can expect to see more of these bright, clean, and colourful shoots over the next 12 months.

Capturing reality: Inauthentic filters are so last year

Authenticity is nothing new to photography but will certainly become more prevalent in 2022. Our Photography Director, Darren, hopes to see less filters and overly processed images of food (that have certainly been a staple on social media for the last couple of years). And as we begin to see the removal of filters and app process from our faces and bodies, this will likely push a more natural approach to capturing our lifestyles, too. In food photography specifically, that will mean using more natural imagery such as warm, earthy tones and wooden textures.

Our tip for capturing authenticity: Embrace the mess!

When we dig into our meals, we tend to leave a bit of a mess behind. Capturing those rogue crumbs, sauce smears, and leftover ingredients will help your photography mirror reality – making your content that bit more relatable and attainable.

Nostalgic photography set ups

With the pandemic outstaying its welcome, consumers are still looking for ways to escape reality; but with eco-anxiety thrown into the mix, looking to the future is no longer a happy nor relaxing thought for some. Feeling nostalgic will therefore be a key motivational driver for audiences over the next year and will certainly be a key trend in food photography.

Darren’s photography tip: Out with the new and in with the old

No that wasn’t a typo – as Darren explains, “there’s been a tendency for over-reliance on printed backgrounds in food photography.” But with nostalgia set to make a scene in 2022, “it’s time we had a rummage around in those skips again to find those one-off backgrounds that can really make your images stand out from the rest.” The subtle cracks and natural imperfections found in those used and abused materials can really help your photography tell a unique, nostalgic story and make your recipes feel like home

Shining a light on eco-conscious consumerism

While our production manager, Andrew, points out that we will be seeing a lot more innovative plant-based products (like 3D printed meat!) appearing on set, our Photographer Mike, hopes to see more experimentation in the way in which we photograph them – reflecting the products and brands in ways that are equally original and ambitious.

Our Photographer, Chloe also points out that “consumers are becoming more aware of issues surrounding food waste. So, I think we’ll be seeing a lot more products coming to market which focus on food waste reduction to target that eco-conscious audience. I see photography for this being bright and clean, to reflect the positive impact that products like this will be having on our planet.”

If you want to create impactful content in 2022, visit our blog section to discover ways to improve your photography with lighting, or contact the team and we’ll help you create a marketing plan with these valuable insights in mind.

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